About Us

Fast Lane Biker® Magazine made its debut in January, 2001 throughout the New Jersey area. Publisher Mark Ruzicka envisioned a free monthly magazine that served the interests of the biker community in every facet from informative articles, amusing anecdotes, event announcements and community causes. In his capacity as publisher, editor and sales director of a new publication, Mr. Ruzicka visited many venues, businesses and service providers that catered to motorcycle enthusiasts and was

awed by the number of businesses owned and operated by fellow bikers and their deep, loyal biker roots. After further research of rider population in the region, and factors such as the percentage of riders who own or are employed in a biker-related industry, Mr. Ruzicka quickly realized the need for bikers to bond together and support each other through biker-to-biker business. Soon many advertisers beyond the area serviced by Fast Lane Biker® Magazine New Jersey expressed a desire to advertise in Fast Lane Biker®’s glossy, bold magazine. The result was the launch of Fast Lane Biker® Magazine Pennsylvania in 2005, followed by Fast Lane Biker® Magazine New York in 2008 and Fast Lane Biker® Magazine Delmarva, servicing Delaware, Maryland and Virginia, which launched in April, 2010. Additional franchises are now available as Fast Lane Biker® continues to expand its territory.

According to Motorcycle Industry Council statistics, the average motorcycle enthusiast is 48 years old, has attended college, is married, and has a median annual income in excess of $64,000. Traditionally viewed as a sport, hobby or lifestyle for men, current year’s statistics place women as 24% of that market with women making up more than 40% of all new motorcycle registrations. The following chart is a collection of Department of Motor Vehicle Statistics of licensed motorcyclist in those regions where Fast Lane Biker® Magazine publishes:

Delmarva Delaware Fast Lane Biker® DELMARVA) 24,922
Maryland (Fast Lane Biker® DELMARVA) 263,509
Virginia (Fast Lane Biker® DELMARVA) 177,147
Total 465,578
New Jersey (Fast Lane Biker® NJ) 152,888
New York (Fast Lane Biker® NY) 653,544
New Jersey (Fast Lane Biker® PA) 816,535

Fast Lane Biker® Magazine currently distributes an average of 70,000 copies per month to dealerships, mechanics, eateries, clubs, pubs, tattoo parlors and any venue where motorcycle-enthusiasts congregate in the DE, MD, NJ, NY, PA and VA areas. In addition to print, each magazine publishes online each month and harvests an average of 10,000 hits per month, per online magazine. Finally, each magazine is very active on the social mediums including Facebook, Biker Or Not and CycleFish with over 10,000 fans.