Biker BuzzSo who is the most flamboyant biker in Ocean City, Maryland to celebrate bike week? You’ll go bananas for this guy!

He’s unshaven, wears a bandana and loves the wind in his hair. Buzz is his name – Biker Buzz. He has that certain animal magnetism that only a biker can pull off. He hangs out with models and gets his share of attention no matter where he goes.

But Buzz has a problem. He’s a biker without a bike. Yes, you heard me. He’s wheel-less, stranded without a scoot and destined to sit by the side of the road and watch his two-wheel brothers and sisters throttle by. Now here’s where the story gets interesting.

Buzz wants to experience bike week and all it has to offer. He wants to go to the bars, the clubs, the restaurants and the events. He wants to hear the bands and eat crabs. He wants to participate in a toast at Big Poppa’s Biker Birthday Bash at Cowboy Coast on Saturday, 9/19. So how will he get around sans bike? I suppose he’ll need to depend on the kindness of the motorcycle community.


  1. Take a selfie with Biker Buzz and post it to FLBD’s Facebook Fan Page. Remember to include where you found him.
  2. Find another friendly biker who is willing to take Biker Buzz to the next biker-friendly spot.
  3. Biker Buzz’s new friend should repeat steps 1 thru 3. Don’t forget to post the selfie.

Finally, be sure to treat Biker Buzz with care and respect. You never know when someone from FLBD will show up and reward your kindness. Although we will be monitoring his whereabouts electronically from our home base at Cowboy Coast, and sharing his travels and adventures via Facebook postings, Buzz will need a biker-friendly brother or sister to insure his safe delivery to Cowboy Coast Saloon & Streakhouse, 17th & Ocean Hwy. each night before 10 p.m. Can that be you? You are welcome to join us inside! Simply ask for Big Poppa (Walt) or Miss Caroline with Fast Lane Biker Magazine and someone will promptly greet you and Biker Buzz.

Thank you in advance for making Biker Buzz part of your bike week adventure!!

Follow Biker Buzz’s bike week adventures at Follow Buzz.

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