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Good Motorcycle Morning!

This was quite a memorable day! Very memorable because I woke up in 2 inches of water while camping in Texarkana, TX and the day ended with me skirting a tornado near Austin, TX during a thunderstorm! But alas, that’s a story for another time. Today we’re gonna talk about some of the coolest motorcycles I’ve ever seen while at one of the stops that day, Misfit Industries in Dallas, TX.

There I was, I woke up and my air mattress in my tent was floating, no kidding, FLOATING, with me on it. Luckily, I had left most of my gear and clothes on the motorcycle protected from the rain and flooding. I found higher ground, got dressed outside in full view of the whole planet, packed up my camp and departed towards Dallas, TX.misfit_cycles_1

It was nothing but rain the entire one-hour ride to Dallas. When I arrived at Misfit, I had to park   under an awning and hang out a few minutes to drip dry. I was far from presentable, but in I went. Once inside, I was greeted by some of the most beautiful bikes I had ever seen. From those huge front tires, the imaginative designs, and those sexy bagger lines, I was in awe. My favorite bike was named the Element13. With its bare brushed aluminum, and a spine made from wing-nutted gas tank mounts, it was awesome.

misfit_industries_4Misfit doesn’t build bikes from the ground up. They take stock Harleys and transform them into these works of art with their custom fabricated tanks, fenders, bags, etc. While there, I checked out the showroom, the internet operation, and the shop where new Misfit creations were coming to life. By no means are these ‘bolt-on’ customizations. They’re chopping and stretching frames, changing rakes, and making bikes like you’ve never seen before. Truly Custom.

You’re probably asking how a meager unknown motovlogger like me got behind the scenes access to this very upscale Harley customizing operation? There was this entrepreneur, a bar code equipment company, a trucking company, some eBay, a few computer viruses, but long story short, I knew a guy.


Good Motorcycle Morning!

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