Marty Sullivan (aka “SightWorks”) joins FLBD as travel columnist, motoblogger, motovlogger and more!

FLBD is pleased to announce the addition of Marty Sullivan (aka “SightWorks”), local and international travel columnist, motoblogger and motovlogger. Marty’s column will appear monthly in print and via the Biker Buzz Blog at His videos will appear on Biker Buzz as they become available and also on Marty’s YouTube channel. Look for his tag line #goodmotorcyclemorning.  Fun sample snippets from Marty’s Epic Ride 2016 motovlog and his introductory bio is featured below. Enjoy!

Good Motorcycle Morning!
by Marty Sullivan (aka “SightWorks”)

Back in 2014, I went on a trip to South Korea.  I stayed there for 3 weeks and toured much of the country.  When I returned, I shared my experiences with my family and friends.  A funny thing happened though.  Every time I shared my experiences with one of my Korean friends, the response was always the same:

“Wow, you have seen more of my country than I have!”

Hmmm, that response really opened my eyes.  Isn’t it so true for most of us that we all stay in our little area, our own camp, our single point of view?  We hardly ever see what’s on the other side, who is there, and what they’re all about.

Hello, my name is Marty Sullivan, aka “SightWorks.”  I am a father, husband, motorcyclist, and martial artist. I’ve been Motovlogging since 2011 on YouTube.  Since my trip to South Korea in 2014, I started a video series called “Epic Ride.”  Epic Ride is where I take 2 or 3 weeks each year and just ride.  No matter the weather, the setbacks, or the trials and tribulations, I ride.  So far, I have rode to 21 states and some of Canada too. 

Since starting Epic Ride, my mission has definitely evolved.  Instead of just seeing what’s around the next corner or over the next rise, I now use Epic Ride to try and erase all the lines that seem to divide us.  I try to erase the “Biker/Crotch Rocket” line, the “Black/White” line, and all the other issues that seem to divide us nowadays.  You’d be surprised, what a motorcycle, a smile, and a “hello” can do to change perceptions and erase those lines.  So come along with me, there’s so much more to see, and so many lines to erase, I’d love to bring you along!