Harley-Davidson Riding Academy Added to College Spring Semester Elective Curriculum

MILWAUKEE, May 1, 2019 — Second-semester college students at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee now have a new favorite class to consider just in time for the start of summer: Harley-Davidson Riding Academy.

Offered through the Department of Kinesiology at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s College of Health Sciences, Harley-Davidson Riding Academy begins May 2. The pilot elective course includes required reading and classroom lessons on the parts and functions of the motorcycle, suggested riding behaviors to promote confidence, and of course riding practice.

“Harley-Davidson is committed to building the next generation of riders, and meeting them where they are – in this case on campus – is a natural extension of that strategy,” said Claudia Garber, Harley-Davidson Marketing Programs Manager. “While many may consider college itself to be the ride of a lifetime, we’re looking forward to broadening horizons even further with a real-life skill and access to a whole new mode of transportation.”

Students who complete the course will receive one credit toward their degree and a MSF BRC completion card, which in many states exempts them from the riding portion of the state motorcycle license test and also may qualify riders for discounted motorcycle insurance. The course includes vehicle rental, course materials, insurance, and museum fees.

Interested students who have a valid automobile driver’s license or learner’s permit and the ability to ride a bicycle can register for the course by emailing Christopher Blanchard at moc.y1606157180elrah1606157180eekua1606157180wlim@1606157180drahc1606157180nalb.1606157180c1606157180, contact the Sport & Rec Office at 414-227-3123 or e-mail ude.m1606157180wu@hc1606157180aertu1606157180o-shc1606157180.


Students beyond UW-Milwaukee can raise their hands to show they want Harley-Davidson Riding Academy added to their course catalogs by posting in social media using #IWantRiding101.

For those a bit further off campus, H-D Riding Academy is offered at select Harley-Davidson dealers and provides expert guidance on basic motorcycle functions, rider safety skills and confidence boosting practice rides. Search for classes at www.h-d.com or visit H-D.com/explore.

SOURCE Harley-Davidson Motor Company
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